Daily Adventures

Lessons learned from a carburetor

Over the past couple weeks, I have learned more about small engines carburetors than I ever thought I would. You see, our lawn mower has been broken for probably upwards of a year or two. We had a lawn service so it wasn’t a big deal, but in out attempt to minimize costs we cancelled the service and now had a mower to fix. My hubs went at it with his minimal small engine knowledge and Google and YouTube in his back pocket.

So here is what I have learned…

The carburetor is a small contraption that turns gas into a mist and mixes it with air forcing it into the engine and making the engine go. I know that’s not really scientific, but there is a lot more. The carburetor is very finicky. Because of what it is doing, if it is not clean the whole engine will fail. Our carburetor was scrubbed, soaked, and covered with gunk remover. It looked clean, but the fuel was still not getting into the engine. More cleaning, more solvent and the fuel started to get to the engine, but still not enough to power the engine when the choke opened. For those who do not know, the choke allows air into the engine. When it is closed, you get more fuel than air. The engine will start, but it does have enough power to keep going.

Now that I’ve gotten smart on engines, you’d think that would be it, but that was not enough. I love object lessons and God knows this. Our heart is a carburetor and it is very finicky. If it’s not clean, our engine will fail. Jesus is the solvent, the gunk remover, and he cleans our heart. Sometimes we say “look we’re clean!!” and we even read our Bible (the fuel). We might even sound like our engine is going to start, but there is still gunk that we have not allowed Jesus to clean and the Holy Spirit (the air flow) is not allowed to move. We can fill our engine with the fuel of the Word and it’ll keep us going for a while, but if there is something that is still blocking the ability of the Holy Spirit to move in us, our engine will just cut off. We have to allow Jesus to clean us, have the fuel constantly filling us, and the Holy Spirit moving through us for our engine to operate at optimum performance.

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