Honduras · Missions

God continued His good work

Yesterday was our last day ministering in the schools. By the time I got to our room I could barely keep my eyes open, so here I am after a great night sleep writing. Yesterday was crazy, but not so much in the way that I thought it would be. Yesterday God did use me, but even more He ministered to me.

The first stop was a continuation of the day before. God rose up two young men to stand for Him and speak truth in their school. A little coaching to get the boys started and they looked at their sisters and began to declare their worth to them, that God loved them, and they are daughters of the King. It was so powerful to see the fire spark in them and then turn into a blaze.

The next stop I sat and just held an orphan who missed her mom. I sang songs that I sing to my kids before bed and just covered her in love. The third stop the girl was being abused, but there was one thing that remained through out. There were friends wrapping them in love. I look around and see our translators, I see those in the schools helping their friends,  and an overwhelming peace rushes over me. God is working here and is rising up the generation of change. It is so beautiful to observe.

I leave in a few days and I’m so excited for what God is doing in Honduras. He will continue the work using those we were able to raise up this week and it will be so good. Today is our free day and we get to enjoy God’s creation. Tomorrow is Yo Soy Mas and I am expecting God to do great things.


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