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Rising up a generation

God is rising up a generation of world changers. They are bold and courageous and today I fought for them. I ended up spending the day with the older kids today… I love babies and wanted to love on them, but God had something else in mind. Today my mission was to empower a generation because comes Sunday, I will be on a plane home. I do not know if God will call me back, but these youth are going to remain here, some of them still hurting.

Itstarted at the second site of the day and me praying with a group of four girls who would probably rather I left, but God was drawing me to stay there. I tried to talk to them but again they really didn’t work. So, I told them my story and that didn’t do anything, but I still felt like I needed to stay there. So I prayed over them and as I prayed over them a girl walked up and began to love on her friend and just listen. We began talking about dreams and the conversation really started moving, at least with this one girl. The best part was she spoke English very well. God started talking to me about how He was going to use her and she received it with tears in her eyes. I told her God wants her to lead her school to be a pillar that others can look to, but it didn’t end there. God created an opportunity for her to start walking it out as soon as I was done speaking it. A teacher came up saying another student needed prayer and my translator left me, so I told her that she would be my translator. She was so nervous but trusted me. As she was translating and we were hearing the story of her classmate, God told me to push her more. I looked at her and told her God wanted her to pray for her friends starting today. Again, she was nervous, but she trusted.

It was so beautiful and this carried through the day having the students speak out and take steps to being bold for Christ. They still have a long road ahead of them and I know God wanted me to show them how rather than do it for them. Saying a prayer is great, but until we walk that prayer out in faith, they are just words.

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