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Do hard things

Today I’m going back to something that wasn’t said to me but to my hubby and to the youth on their trip to Baja, “Do hard things!” Today was full of hard things, and trying to process everything that happened is even hard. Talking it out has helped, but I still feel a little drained.

We had another four sites today, and the first one absolutely wrecked me. We were praying with girls that were too scared to even speak the hurt they were going through. The would come to you with tears in their eyes wanting prayer and a hug. What wrecked me the most was that these girls were all between the ages of 6 and 12, one in particular was 9 years old. A 9 year old (nor a 6 or 12 year old) should be hurting like that. I have a 9 year old. She is spunky and silly, and aside from a slight attitude adjustments, she is always smiling and learning. But oh these girls, they were hurting and they were scared and watching that was hard.

But then God… (Side Note: I just love this. The bible says this all through out and it’s so cool. Just when you think things go from bad to worse, there is a “but then God” moment.) God gave me a gift. He saw me pour out the every bit of myself on those girls, and I know He has them in His hands, but I needed to be refreshed and ready. So He brought me a group of silly, goofy, amazing boys at our next site. My team mate and I found ourselves with no translator and like 10-15 little boys who just wanted to play, so we played. They had a shoe lace they were using to play sting games and I totally flashed back to elementary school. They showed me a trick with the string and after like the 30th time… I finally got it right. You would have thought I won the big game from the excitement they produced from teaching me something. We went from that to doing crazydances to doing a dance off… you read that right… A DANCE OFF!! I totally killed it with my sweet moves, but I may be feeling it now that I’m back in my room. So pray that this old lady, who can still cut a rug heals and returns to full strength for tomorrow. 😂😂😂

Our ministry group. (Left to Right: Sarah Kate aka Skate, Margery, Julie, me and Pam)

My new best friends. The one in the green pants is named Ivian and is getting ready to go to university so she can be a school administrator. Pray for her as she reaches for her dreams and that she is fearless.

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