Honduras · Missions

Just wow…

As I sit here about to go to bed, I’m flooded by a million things that I want to say and share with you. I wish I could just let you crawl into my brain and sort through the mess that was today. Today completely wrecked any pre conceived notions that I might have had for this trip.

Today was a training day which meant we had a dance and two dramas to learn on top of all the expectations and rules for the trip. It was so fun and full of so much laughter, by lunch time I was seriously concerned that I was losing my voice. We continued working on the dramas and dances after lunch and just watching all the pieces come together was breathtaking. There is no way to explain our team than God orchestrated. We are from all over, very few knew anyone coming in and yet we are best friends. (Funny side note: one of our translators swears that I speak Spanish. She spent a good 15 mins trying to get me “tell her the truth.” Once I finally explained that I know a few words… like 2… one of which was “dramas” oppose to skit… because we used them a lot last year. She is going to give me daily Spanish lessons before the ministry sites. It’ll be interesting. For those of you who don’t know, I don’t speak a lick of Spanish. I can fumble through ordering coffee and finding a bathroom, but that’s about it.)
Dinner was amazing, but nothing prepared me for what was going to happen this evening. We had church!! Our team leader spoke to us just more about the mission and vision of this trip and then we moved into a period of time that I can only explain as church. It was so special and poured our hearts out to God and to each other. Our team is such a broken, hodge podge that God has equipped and anointed to reach the mothers and daughters in Honduras to tell the that they are more and they are daughters of the one true God!! It was such a powerful night as we had the older women and our team leads pray over us and speak truth over us. We prepared to carry our sword and go to battle in the schools and streets, singing a redemption song to the nation. I’m just in awe over the whole night and expectant for the atmosphere that was built today to grow and continue to go with us tomorrow.

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