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Bad co-piloting and my new best friends

Hola!! I have made it to Honduras and I am so excited!! So I will quickly speed through the adventures of getting to Miami and then move on to the fun stuff of meeting up with my team and flying into San Pedro Sula.
We left SUPER early (but not as early as planned) on Friday to drive down to Miami. My awesome hubby drove the whole way and dealt with my less than perfect “co-piloting.” When I say co-piloting, I really mean passing out and sleeping through the noise the kids are making in the back seat. A little before we got to Jacksonville (4 hours into the trip), I finally joined the land of the living and attempted to make conversation in midst of snapchats, Pokemon, and just messing on my phone. I really am the worst co-pilot. Anywho, it was after lunch that we hit our “hiccup.” We stopped for gas and guess who forgot the bank… this girl. I really didn’t think about because we travel to Florida oftenish (yes, I made up that word), but sure enough they flagged our card for fraud. No big deal, right? We just call the bank and we are back on our way… nah that would be too easy and if you know anything about our mission trip expierences… something has to go wrong. So we sat at a gas station and attempted to figure out what the issue was, an hour later after trying two gas stations and talking to three different people at the bank they finally figured out what the issue was and we were back in business. We got to Miami about two hours after we planned, but still walked the beach a little bit and had dinner. Friday was a day of frustration (yes, Pastor Brent… I know… I’m a sinner), but God provided us the extra time to get down and get settled. I was suppose to work Friday and drive down Saturday, but a co-worker volunteered to work for me.
Today was much smoother. We didn’t have to rush to get going and had time to hunt Pokemon on South Beach. We had lunch at BurgerFi which was delicious and then I sadly kissed my lovies good bye. I totally miss them already!! Now on to the fun stuff!! Aside from figuring out where I needed to check in the airport and security was easy. It maybe took me 10 mins to get through and head to my gate where I was greeted by hugs and smiling faces. My team is in San Pedro Sula and consists of 24 ladies (17 and older) and 1 guy. The flight in was full of laughter and stories. We seriously spent the whole day like we’ve known each other for years. Tomorrow is a training day. We’ll be at the hotel just preparing ourselves for what God has in store for the week. I’m so excited and so blessed to be with the ladies that I am with to share Jesus with mothers and daughters of Honduras, and with that I say “Buenas Noches.”

Sarah Kate, me, and Lexus on the plane

Arriving to the hotel in out pimped out school bus

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